I don’t know about you, but my anxiety has been running wild the past few days.

I’ve been trying to stay busy, but it’s been a major challenge on my mind.
I decided to write this post to share some ideas of what you can do at home, to keep busy and for self care!

It might be super simple, but taking a walk (outside) has just so so many benefits! Fresh air, movement, changing your mindset… I’ve heard recently about how outdoor areas where you can see out into a vast open space really do wonders for anxiety.

You know that book on your nightstand that you’ve forgotten about, or you’ve been too tired to read at the end of a long work day? Pick it back up!
Personally I have an e-reader, and many many books I’ve grabbed for free over the years, waiting to be read.
BookBub is an awesome site to get free books, and heavily discounted ones as well. They search popular retailers (Kindle, Kobo, etc) for deals and free ebooks on the daily.

There are so many different ways you can move your body at home (please, stay away from the gym at this time). Take a walk, dance around your kitchen, do some heavy cleaning – what’s important is that we’re not just sitting around, waiting for the world to end.

There are also many amazing YouTubers out there, creating excellent workout content.
My absolute favs are The Fitness Marshall (for dance workouts and a good laugh), and Yoga with Adrienne (for of course, yoga).

Now’s a great time to try out new recipes! I recently got an Instant Pot, and it’s been my favorite new cooking tool. Pinterest is a great source for recipes, and my current go-to gal is Brittany over at Instant Loss.

There hundreds of thousands of tutorial on YouTube to help you get started on pretty much any new hobby you’d like to pick up! Learn to draw, paint, cook, knit… the possibilities are endless.

Solving puzzles is a great way to exercise the brain, without screen time. A great activity to do with kids (if you have them) as well!

What are you doing to take care of yourself at this time?
Let me know in the comments below!

Are you a teacher or parent looking for resources for your students/children at this time? Check out THIS blog post for Free Resources During School Closures.

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