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Wondering what those “Boom Cards” are that you keep hearing about? Keep reading to see why you (and your students) will LOVE them!

Boom Cards™ are digital, interactive task cards. They’re engaging and self-checking too!

Why I love Boom Cards – and you will too!

  • They’re digital – this means no printing, cutting, laminating, prepping – just play! This also means you can use them in the classroom or for online distance learning.
  • They give immediate feedback. This allows your students to complete them independently and gives you the freedom to work with small groups or individual students.
  • Try before you buy – all decks allow you to play the first 4 cards for free, to preview the deck before purchasing.
  • You can use them for FREE! This means you can try them out without spending anything at all. There are many free decks available in the Boom Learning℠ store, and on Teachers Pay Teachers (here’s one to try). If you do decide to go for a paid account (this allows you to collect data), it’s totally affordable (check out Boom’s membership pricing).
  • You can create your own! If you are missing a particular skill that you need to teach or assess your students, you can make them using their platform (check out the Boom Learning YouTube page for tutorials).

What do I need to get started on Boom?

  • A Boom account (free or paid)
  • A device & internet connection – Boom Cards™ work on all modern browsers, and there is a free app available for Apple devices, in the Google Play Store, and for Kindle Fire.

Where can I buy Boom Cards?

How do I access my Boom Cards™ purchased on Teachers Pay Teachers?

  • Purchase individual decks or bundles as you would a regular Teachers Pay Teachers Product.
  • You will receive a PDF download – open it up!
  • For individual decks, there will be a link to click to redeem your deck. You will need to log in to your account or create one if you haven’t already. After doing so, the deck will be added to your Boom library.
  • For bundles, download the PDF in the bonus file – this will give you a link to redeem the entire bundle at once, to add all decks to your Boom library.

What can I do with a paid Boom account?

  • You CAN use Boom for free (more below on the “Starter” membership). If you choose to have a paid membership, get more details here.
  • Boom Learning℠ has 4 tiers of membership depending on your needs – each allows for a certain number of classrooms, students, ability to make your own decks, listening or adding sounds to decks, live monitoring (Essential or Premium), and selling in the marketplace (Publisher only).
  • With a paid membership, you can assign decks to students and collect data.
  • For more on which membership is right for you, go to the Boom Learning℠ help center here.

What can I do with a free Boom account?

  • Log in to your account, and go to “Library.”
  • Find the deck you want and click on the “Action” drop-down menu.
  • Click on “Fast Pin,” then “Generate Pin.”
  • This allows students to play the deck without logging in to an account. You can copy/paste the link for students to play, or use the code. To use the code, have your students go to the Boom Learning℠ website, or open the app. Click on the “FastPlay” button, enter the pin, and click play. This is what I used with my Kindergarten students, through the Boom app.
  • Note: A “Fast Pin” is valid for 14 days. If you’d like to use the deck again after that time, you will need to generate a new pin/link.

Where can I access Boom?

  • The Boom Learning website:
  • Visit the Apple app store, Google Play (Android) store, or the Kindle Fire store and search for Boom Cards (by Omega Labs).

Do you have any more questions about Boom Cards? Leave a comment below!

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