Halloween is coming quickly! It’s one of my favourite holidays to celebrate in the classroom. Costumes, candy, crafts – what more could you want?

Easy Ghost Craft for Halloween

Here’s a quick and easy craft to do in the classroom – we did this one during our Halloween party last year.
Since our party was with the Pre-K class as well, we wanted something easy to prep and differentiate for the 2 groups, and that they’d be able to take home with them that day.

Materials Needed:
– White plates (we used styrofoam, but paper plates work well too)
– Black construction paper
– White crepe paper streamers
– Glue
– Optional: a hole puncher + some string to hang the ghosts

For younger students, you could prepare all the pieces and have them assemble.
For the Kindergarten students, we traced circles (for the eyes) and ovals (for the mouths) for them to cut out. They also cut pieces from the streamers.

*Teacher tip: When tracing on black construction paper, use a white crayon or chalk to make lines easier to see!

Did you get a chance to try out this craft? Let me know in the comments below!
If not, pin it for later 🙂

Easy Ghost Craft for Halloween

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