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Puffy Paint Snowman using only 2 ingredients - shaving cream and white glue!

Puffy Paint Snowman Using Only 2 Ingredients!

Looking for a fun, low prep art activity for winter? This puffy paint snowman only needs 2 key ingredients! Does puffy paint stay puffy?I’ve created these with my students many times, and it always surprises me how long the dried “paint” DOES stay puffy. When I take out my winter theme box the following year, …

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Wondering if you should use themes in your kindergarten classroom? There are many reasons why themes are useful! Themes make planning easier. They also make learning more meaningful for students, since they help make connections with their own lives. You can repeat concepts and they feel new again, and you can use themes to tie different subjects together. Themes help to teach about the passing of time, when we use seasons and holidays. They’re fun, and support student interests!

8 Reasons to Use Themes in Kindergarten

One of my favourite things about teaching kindergarten is how much fun you can have with themes! I do many that relate to specific times of year (seasons, events, holidays), since my students haven’t experienced them yet being their first year in school. I base the rest on students’ interests – I’ve really enjoyed penguins, …

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