One of my favourite things about teaching kindergarten is how much fun you can have with themes! I do many that relate to specific times of year (seasons, events, holidays), since my students haven’t experienced them yet being their first year in school. I base the rest on students’ interests – I’ve really enjoyed penguins, bugs, transportation, and more! 

Here are 8 reasons to use themes in kindergarten

1. Themes make planning easier

Using themes in the classroom, I always feel like I have a place to start when figuring out my units. There are also a ton of resources available for so many themes! They also give me something to come back to year after year.

Kindergarten theme ideas and planner

2. Makes learning more meaningful

Relating learning material to your students’ everyday lives is simplified with themes in kindergarten. This allows for deeper connections to be made between the material they are learning, and what they already know.

3. You can repeat concepts and they feel new

Easter peepe Size Ordering Cut and Glue Worksheet

Kindergarteners need SO MUCH practice to learn and master every skill! They need to see and work with the same concepts again and again for it to click. When using themes, repeated concepts feel new again.

For an idea of what concepts I teach, check out my fundamental guide to teaching math in kindergarten.

4. You can tie subjects together with themes in kindergarten

It may seem challenging to connect literacy, math, science, art, and any other subjects you’re teaching in kindergarten. Themes help tie these together, making links across subjects.

5. Themes help teach about passing time

When we move from one theme to the next, especially when they relate to specific times of the year, we can explore the passage of time. We can cover the seasons, holidays, and events that take place throughout the year.

Special days calendar cards

6. Follow student interests with themes in kindergarten

When chosen appropriately, themes in kindergarten should follow the interests of your students. I have themes planned related to specific times of the year, but leave weeks open for topics related to what my students may want to learn more about. Involving them in choosing future themes will help increase engagement. 

7. Learn about the world around them

Using themes in kindergarten, students learn about the world around them. Holidays around the world is a fantastic example! They can learn about different cultures, and how people celebrate different things.

8. They’re fun!

Apple Life Cycle Hat freebie for apples theme in kindergarten

I enjoy them, my students enjoy them, so why not?

At the end of the school year, many students note their favourite memories tied to a theme, especially one based on their interests.

My Teachers Pay Teachers store has a ton of theme-based products! Check out different themes by browsing my custom categories on the left-hand side, or by searching.

Planning in PJs custom categories and search related to themes in kindergarten

Stuck on ideas for your themes? Download my Kindergarten Theme Ideas & Planner.

Kindergarten theme ideas and planner

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